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Exclusive Filipino and Asian Food Brands

Representing over 40 of the top brands, we have the most complete selection of Filipino and Asian frozen and grocery products in Canada. From the long-established brands to new and exciting products, we are dedicated to sourcing and bringing high-quality international products to the Canadian market.

Specialty Brands

These specialty brands represent the quintessential experience of Filipino cuisine.


Bring quality fish, shrimp and seafood products to your table with the AA-1 brand. Since 1983, we have been trusted suppliers of frozen shrimp, mussels, squid, and fish (bangus, tilapia, galunggong, pompano, tulingan baby tuna, mackerel, kingfish), as well as the go-to brand for canned sardines and mackerel.

Tatak Bulacan

The Tatak Bulacan brand encompasses native delicacies such as sauteed shrimp paste, bottled fruit preserves, noodles, spices, agar-agar, and many other ingredients used in Filipino cuisine. Enjoy the authentic taste of polvoron and kropek fish crackers, and our best-selling Longganisa Regular & Hot, and Pork Tocino.


Preparing Filipino cuisine has never been easier with Baguio Pork Tocino, Longganisa Regular & Hot, Chorizo Spanish-style sausages, Hammonado, Pork Lumpia, and Chicken Lumpia.

Golden Panda

Golden Panda is the trusted brand for household Asian grocery staples like rice, beans, and coconut milk. Golden Panda Condensada and Evaporada are all-time favourites for Asian cooking and desserts.


Ilocos Longganisa, Filipino cured sausages, are deliciously plump, savoury sausages packed with the perfect amount of garlic and spices. Available in regular or hot.


Reflecting the influences of the culinary-rich Pampanga region of the Philippines, this line of specialty meat products includes Premium Longganisa Regular & Hot, Premium Pork Tocino, Quality Longganisa Regular & Hot, Quality Pork Tocino, Quality Chicken Tocino, Quality Beef Tapa, and Dugo Beef Blood.


Crafted for the love of ice cream, Sorbetero is a line of ice cream and frozen desserts with the same heart as the traditional “mamang Sorbetero” ice cream vendors in the Philippines. With authentic tropical flavours and select ingredients, Sorbetero aims to bring a little sweetness and nostalgia of those childhood memories to your day.

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